Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkins!!!! a little late...but tonight we finally carved pumpkins with the kids. (Well actually, just with A&K because Micah was in bed!) They were both very specific this year about what they wanted their pumpkins to look like. (And I mean VERY specific!!) Abby wanted circle eyes (which daddy had to re-draw a 2nd time b/c the 1st attempt at eyes was "NOT big enough!", a triangle nose, and a mouth with two teeth! Katelyn wanted a girl pumpkin - with rectangle eyes WITH EYELASHES,eyebrows "that slant down so they look mean", a square nose, and "girl lips." Then of course when Abby saw that Katelyn's was a girl pumpkin, she started to get upset because she didn't want hers to be a boy pumpkin!!! So mommy swooped in and saved the day by drawing long eyelashes on hers, and all was well!!

We had a good time though (very specific instructions and all!), and they were so excited to light them up and put them on the porch "so all the people who drive by our house will know what our faces look like!"

Here's some action shots. (And if you'll notice, both girls are in leotards!! They were playing dress up, and making their mommy freeze just by LOOKING at them!! But of course - "we're not cold mommy, we're hot!" Yeah right!! More like, "we're not gonna admit to being cold because we really want to wear these!" They think they're so smart!!) :-D

Abby's pumpkin - at the pre carving stage! (Abby's in pink)

Aaron "The Butcher" Moser

Notice the way Aaron's holding the knife? Nice example, right?! :)

Mommmy carving Katelyn's

Finished Products!! (Aaron drew and carved Micah's in the middle)

Didn't Want to Leave Micah Out!!

Micah had to go to bed before we carved A&K's pumpkins, so here's some pics of him with his pumpkin before he went to bed!! I tried to get him to just sit still and hold his pumpkin, but of course he would have no part of that, so if you'll notice - all the pics of him with his pumpkin are of him doing something with it!! His two favorite things were picking it up and letting it drop (luckily it never hit his toes!) and "drumming" on it! :-D Too cute!! (Oh, and please ignore his runny nose in the pics - I didn't see it until after we took the pictures and he was in bed! Aagh!! That's really gonna bug me!) :-D

Little Drummer Boy - just like Uncle Kyle!!

Trying to pick it up!! (He couldn't figure out how to do it from a sitting position! :-D

Finally-success!! Then there was no stopping him!!

He looks so ornery here!! I love it!!

What a cutie!!

Finished Products!!

Here's Abby & Katelyn with their finished pumpkins!!

Miss Abby Lynn

Miss Katelyn Ann

Completed Roof!!!

Our roof is officially done!! YEAH!!! Aaron finished it last Sunday, but of course did I post the new picture this week - of course not!! (Sorry!!) Here it is for all of you who were just dying to see it! :-D (Next step - build a wrap-around porch, hopefully this spring!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Roof!! I have been trying to post something new since last night and was getting SUPER frustrated. First - last night - our internet was down when I finally had time to post, and all this morning/afternoon (until 2:20pm) - the internet was working, but for some reason - I couldn't upload pictures into my post. (I literally tried about 15 times!!) For some unexplainable reason - it finally decided to go through this last time, so here it is - pictures and all!! :)

Part of our crazy, busy, biten-off-more-than-we-can-chew lives is our roof. All last week Aaron was tearing off our old roof (nasty orange color - YUCK!) and working on putting a new roof on (fixing a couple bad spots, putting new tar paper down, and then shingles and whatever else goes along with all that!), and then cleaning up all the old shingles, tar paper, and nails from the ground. Depending on the day/hour - he was either working on it by himself (for all of the tear off, clean up, and fixing the bad spots) - or with help from 1-2 other guys, depending on the day.

By him doing it himself, it's saving us A LOT of money (like around 10 grand!!), but he's finding out just how much work it really is to re-roof a house!! (He's a super hero, as far as I'm concerned!!) :)

Right now - all of the main part of our house is completely done, and all that's left is the garage - which they think can be completely finished this Saturday!! (YEAH!!) Here's a few pictures of the progress so far.


Tear off in progress...

Putting tar paper down...

Beginning of shingles...


Oh yeah - also happening last week (which was another reason there were no posts in so long) - Micah's 3rd cold in a month, Katelyn had croup (HORRIBLE cough mainly at night), and Abby had/has bronchitis. I am over my cold, and we're praying Aaron doesn't get any of that too!! We all just seem to keep passing everything back and forth between us all, and can't seem to shake being sick yet - and winter isn't even close to being here yet!!!!!!

So all that - plus the regular craziness (Disciple classes, various other church stuff, etc)- about sums up our life the past 1-2 weeks. I'm gonna try and be better at finding time to put up new posts more often though, so keep checking out the blog!! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wondering Where the Heck I've Been?

Hey Guys!! So it's been about two and a half weeks since my last post!!! SORRY!! I think I'm finding out what it means to bite off more than you can chew right now, and I feel a little like it's a struggle just to keep my head above water and maintain the status quo - forget getting anything extra done!! Anyways...just wanted to let you know I plan on putting some new posts up in the very near future!