Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Didn't Want to Leave Micah Out!!

Micah had to go to bed before we carved A&K's pumpkins, so here's some pics of him with his pumpkin before he went to bed!! I tried to get him to just sit still and hold his pumpkin, but of course he would have no part of that, so if you'll notice - all the pics of him with his pumpkin are of him doing something with it!! His two favorite things were picking it up and letting it drop (luckily it never hit his toes!) and "drumming" on it! :-D Too cute!! (Oh, and please ignore his runny nose in the pics - I didn't see it until after we took the pictures and he was in bed! Aagh!! That's really gonna bug me!) :-D

Little Drummer Boy - just like Uncle Kyle!!

Trying to pick it up!! (He couldn't figure out how to do it from a sitting position! :-D

Finally-success!! Then there was no stopping him!!

He looks so ornery here!! I love it!!

What a cutie!!

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