Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkins!!!! a little late...but tonight we finally carved pumpkins with the kids. (Well actually, just with A&K because Micah was in bed!) They were both very specific this year about what they wanted their pumpkins to look like. (And I mean VERY specific!!) Abby wanted circle eyes (which daddy had to re-draw a 2nd time b/c the 1st attempt at eyes was "NOT big enough!", a triangle nose, and a mouth with two teeth! Katelyn wanted a girl pumpkin - with rectangle eyes WITH EYELASHES,eyebrows "that slant down so they look mean", a square nose, and "girl lips." Then of course when Abby saw that Katelyn's was a girl pumpkin, she started to get upset because she didn't want hers to be a boy pumpkin!!! So mommy swooped in and saved the day by drawing long eyelashes on hers, and all was well!!

We had a good time though (very specific instructions and all!), and they were so excited to light them up and put them on the porch "so all the people who drive by our house will know what our faces look like!"

Here's some action shots. (And if you'll notice, both girls are in leotards!! They were playing dress up, and making their mommy freeze just by LOOKING at them!! But of course - "we're not cold mommy, we're hot!" Yeah right!! More like, "we're not gonna admit to being cold because we really want to wear these!" They think they're so smart!!) :-D

Abby's pumpkin - at the pre carving stage! (Abby's in pink)

Aaron "The Butcher" Moser

Notice the way Aaron's holding the knife? Nice example, right?! :)

Mommmy carving Katelyn's

Finished Products!! (Aaron drew and carved Micah's in the middle)


Cheryl said...

I love all the shapes on your pumpkins all you Mosers! And Grandma and Grandpa Hasler love you all so much!

Alli said...

the girls say they love you too! :)

Elizabeth said...

Aw, so cute! I've got to learn that mommy trick about swooping in a fixing all problems in a heartbeat! Looks like you had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see all the kids in the costumes at G.O.D. if you're coming. (I hope they weren't as specific about those!)

Alli said...

Thanks, Beth! And I'm sure you'll definitely learn how to swoop in and save the day - it comes with experience!! :) And yes...we'll definitely see you tonight at church. Thankfully the girls were not specific at all about their costumes. I bought them and took them home, and they loved them!! Piece of cake!! =)